Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Digital channels have been part of the daily life of all of us. The mobile phone is now an extension of the human body and more and more these small devices become perfect allies for any task: communicate, drive, shop, improve our health, sleep and wake up.

That’s why all these applications and websites are in ideal locations to send a message to a potential customer and that is where digital marketing strategies appear, where communication becomes more relevant when feeling natively and where we can impact to our potential customers at the indicated time with the indicated message.

What makes Digital Marketing special?

First, the ease of really segmenting those who may be interested in my services. In marketing, the interests, behavior in social media and more specific demographic characteristics of the audience are studied. The message is addressed to select segments, while in traditional marketing you can only speak to the masses. Even so, both resources are ideal for brand building: there is still the perception that television and radio are the only means to generate recall, reach and build brand, but networks such as Facebook and Instagram, where there are more than 195 million of users, only in the United States, there is the perfect scenario to build brands and reach audiences in a massive way.

However, the big plus of digital marketing is that opportunity to create segments by specific interests, gender, age and even geographical radio, so you can better choose the brand budget.

Another of Digital Marketing’s most is the possibility of having a two-way communication with our clients (current and potential). In digital channels the relationship is bi-directional and interactive. It builds relationships with the brand and customers and also promotes credibility among consumers. It is very simple to listen to our clients, understand them, help them, generate commitment and maintain a lasting relationship with them, in addition to having comments that allow us to improve our work as a brand.

Undoubtedly, when talking about digital, you have to have the economic factor, that the cost to reach our audience is much lower than doing it in a traditional medium such as television. Likewise, communication strategies can be adapted according to the brand budget and do not have to have a large budget to generate great results.

One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is the ability to measure at all times each of the efforts we make as a brand. Thanks to the use of statistics we can study each of the campaign metrics and we can determine the actions that help us generate, to generate better results; and the best, in real time.

This and many others are the advantages of digital marketing, and in Lemon Ads. We are sure that with our help, you will achieve your brand objectives; We can strengthen it and take it to a next level, since under one roof we combine global strategy and creativity to create high-impact digital solutions that generate value and position brands.

Reach us now and let us make it right!

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