We have more than 15 years of seeding and fertilizing our roots in design, marketing and advertising.

We understand that the future is today and the way we connect with people has changed, the digital world is a challenge that we know how to face and use for the benefit of our customers and their businesses.

"In our hands your brand will discover the true power of recognition"

Sebastián Martín - CMO

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How we work here

We are an open door agency, we are characterized by our transparency.

Briefing, Planning & Strategy

Designing, Setup & Implementation

Launching & Reporting

We work very hard to get the best results.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

SMM · SEM · SEO · Google Ads · Social Media Ads · Community Management · We seed, grow your digital estrategy so you can harvest your business!

Design Boutique

Visual Design, Print Production, Advertising Design, Final Art. Development of corporate branding.

Web Design

Tailor-made sites with self-administration options.

Audio Visual Production

Photography: Product-Shot, Landscaping, Locative Photography, Photographic Post-production Audio Production: Production, Commercial Broadcasters, Screenplay Production, Post-Production. Video Production: Production, Editing, VisualIntro, Animation, Musicalization, Post-Production.

Our awesome works

When the pulp becomes a refreshing and effective idea!


Their hands and minds are always squeezing successful ideas.

Clients Testimonials

Awesome people who had tried our great lemonade and liked it.

  • Samara Hani
    Samara Hani

    As a business owner, it is essential to have a website that relates, identifies and helps your clients to know more about your business, I thank lemon ads for the quality of their work, their time and dedication, I recommend Sebastian and His team without hesitation, in addition to the fact that the page is already made and established, Sebastian continues to contact us to make sure everything is working properly and guide us when we have doubts. We highly recommend

  • David Obando
    David Obando

    As a CEO, I am in the challenge of finding the correct team to our company and one aspect we were lacking was to market correctly our product. With Lemon Ads, I feel, we finally find the correct team to full fill this task. We got a very well done website, videos and marketing service. Sebastian's lessons were really mind blowing, we started to open our mind and make really important changes in our organization to improve our KPI's. Their creativity and marketing strategies surpass my expectations, we hope for a long lasting relationships. Thank you for your service!

  • Javier Osorio
    Javier Osorio

    We have found in Lemon an agency that is always willing to support us in our projects and campaigns.

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